General Hospital

Department of Pediatrics

The 40 beded Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with neonatalogist, one of the prestigious units functioning in the Department. The Level II care unit will be upgraded to Level III care with the acquisition of a bubble CPAP machine and neonatal ventilators.

On the academic front, the Department actively involves students in clinical case presentations.

The students are involved in various studies conducted by the department, like the BMI Study in adolescent school children, depression prevalence in adolescent college students, etc.

The Department is involved in ICMR Short Term Research Projects.

The Department also organizes activities like “World Breast Feeding Week” every year and won the Gold Medal twice consecutively.

The Department is having 120 beded inpatient units with all facilities.

Speciality Clinics :

Monday Peadiatric Cardiology 1st and 3rd week of every month
Tuesday Peadiatric Neurology clinic by Dr.bindu from 11am to 2pm every week.
Wednesday Thalassemia clinic from 2pm to 4pm with provided facilites like free blood transfusions with supportive chelation therapy every week by DR. Ranjith. & Also having Gastroenterology clinic - Dr.B Vijyalakshmi on 2nd and 4th week of every month
Thursday Peadiatric Nephrology clinic by DR.Sudheer from 11am to 2pm on every week.
Friday Pulmonology clinic by Dr. Chandrashekar on 1st & 3rd week of every month.
Saturday peadiatric Endocrinology by DR.Linga Reddy on 1st & 3rd week of every month.