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By the Instructions of DM & HO (District Medical and Health Officer), Guntur

S.No. Name of the Course Duration Qualification No. of Seats
1 Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (DMLT) 2 Intermediate 20
2 Diploma in Cath Lab Technician 2 Intermediate 10
3 Diploma in Anesthesia Technician 2 Intermediate 10
4 Diploma in Perfusion Technician 2 Intermediate 4
5 Diploma in Dialysis Technician 2 Intermediate 4
6 Diploma in Respiratory Theraphy Technician 2 Intermediate 10
7 Diploma in Radiotherapy Technician 2 Intermediate 30
8 Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician 2 Intermediate 30
9 Diploma in Medical Imaging Technician 2 Intermediate 30
10 Diploma in Cardiology Technician 2 Intermediate 30
11 Diploma in Audiometry Technician Course 2 Intermediate 10
12 Diploma in Ophthometry Technician 2 Intermediate 10
13 Diploma in Ophtalmic Assistant (DOA) 2 Intermediate 20
14 Diploma in Radiographic Assistant 2 Intermediate 20
15 Diploma in Dark Room Assistant 2 Intermediate 10
16 Diploma in E.C.G Technician 2 Intermediate 10

By the Instructions of Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada

S.No. Name of the Course Duration Qualifications No.of Seats
1 B.Sc. (MLT) 3 years Intermediate Bi.P.C (or) Intermeidate Vocational in Medical Laboratory Technology (or) Diploma in Medical Lab Technology. Candidates should complete 17 years 20

Note : 50% of the total No. of seats in each course shall be Government Seats and the remaining will be Management Seats.

Para Medical personnel play an important and vital role in the effective Health delivery system because it is a team work by the doctors Nurses and Para Medical Technicians. So to be able to play this vital role effectively and consciounsiouly, the Para Medical persons should have latest and updated knowledge about the various procedures and tests. So there is need to steam line the syllabus and the training programme, evaluation methods must be well established.

With these Board ideas in mind the NRI academy of sciences started Para Medical Courses with effect from 15.10.03.

At present the following diploma courses and certificate courses and certificate courses are conducted. The Diploma Courses are DML ophthalmic Assistants, Respiratory Therapy. The certificate course is Radiographic Assistant course.

The Diploma Course is for 2 years and certificate course is for 1 year. Steps are being taken to introduce new courses like Cath lab technician course, Anaesthesia Technician Course, Medical Imaging and technology course. All the Diploma courses are under the preview of DME.

Government gave permission to start B.Sc Medical Lab technology Course on 15th October 2003. This is a degree course of 3 years duration. 20 students are selected by NTRUHS on merit basis. Every year out of 15 students who appeared for 1st year B.Sc MLT exam, 7 got 1st class and 3 got 2nd class. The result of DMLT exam are not yet published.

At present there are 101 students in our institution.

The clinical labs in hospital and students labs in college are will equipped with latest infra structure and instruments. Para Medical students are posted on rotation basis on clinical, Para Clinical and Non Clinical Departments.

The students are taught by experienced and qualified staff in all the departments.

Clinical cases are also demonstrated to the students. They are given practical training about all the routine and latest methods of investigations. More stress is laid on relevant theoretical aspects to improve their technical skills.

The students are provided with adequate hostel accommodation and good food.

Adequate facilities are available to the students to take part in various sports, games and cultural programmes. Mr.N.Ventkata Reddy of B.Sc. 2nd year represented NTRUHS in Volley Ball recently Intra Mural Competitions were also conducted.

All said and done, self discipline is the essence of democracy. So we always try to inculcate the sense of discipline, self confidence, regularity, punctuality, positive thinking and keen observation in the minds of students.

We give utmost importance to discipline. We did punish some students who committed grave mistakes. But it is only in the best interest of students in particular and institution in general.

Proposal were already sent to Government to start an examination centre in our institution because the necessary infrastructure, staff, labs are available here.