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A sound knowledge of Biochemistry is more than a superficial comprehension of life in all its diverse manifestations explaining in molecular terms and all chemical processes of living cells.

The Department of Biochemistry, NRI Medical College was established in the year 2003 and a Clinical Biochemistry lab also started its services in the hospital attached to the medical college. The main objective is to impart quality education to all the students. The Department has well qualified and experienced faculty. The Department is equipped with state of the art laboratories with modern equipment to cater to the needs of both undergraduate and post graduate students. In addition the Department has got a research laboratory equipped with the latest analytical instruments for the benefit of post graduate students and faculty to carry research projects.

In addition to the MBBS course, the Department and its faculty also handles courses for BDS, B.Sc MLT, DMLT and B.Sc Nursing courses.

Innovations in Teaching :

The lecture halls are equipped with latest audio visual aids All the theory classes for both MBBS and Post graduate students are delivered using Power Point slides. The Department follows continuous evaluation of undergraduate students by conducting seminars, Viva-Voce exams, Quiz Tests, Multiple Choice Questions and slip tests periodically.

The post graduate students are involved in Standardization of Analytical Techniques, Clinical lab investigations and teaching programs for MBBS, BDS, DMLT, BSc MLT and BSc Nursing students. In addition to this, the post graduate students will have to give seminars every week and carry out a research project in their tenure.

The Department has successfully completed 22 post graduate research projects, 14 faculty research projects and 5 research projects are ongoing at present.

In order to enlighten and to improve parent staff relations and academic performance in the students the Department is conducting

  • Parent Teacher interaction
  • Information about the progress of the student
  • Counseling for low performers
  • Small group teaching programmes

Library :

In addition to the Central Library of the institute, the Department has a library with 196 books of 100 titles. The Departmental library receives 4 journals and is a member for 3 e-journals.

Results :

The Department feels proud about the results. Consistently, over the past six years, the Department excels in all the aspects like: Pass %, Number of First Classes and Number of distinctions.

Two times University Toper in the year 2004 - 05 & 2007 - 08

CME Conducted :

The Department has conducted a 2-day National Seminar on Cord Blood Stem Cell and their Potential Clinical Applications in November 2007.

The Department of Biochemistry has conducted Four Zonal CME Programmes

  1. Quality Control in Clinical Laboratories. Dt: 27.03.2011.
  2. Practical Training Programme (Standardization and estimation of GGT, Blood Urea, SGPT, SGOT and LDH) Dt: 02.07.2011.
  3. Biochemical Updates in the Diagnosis of Cardiac Disorders, Dt:29.04.2012.
  4. Biochemical Updates in the Diagnosis of Inborn Errors of Metabolism, Dt; 29.09.2013.

Another major and important activity of the Department of Biochemistry is to take care of the clinical investigations of the NRI General Hospital. All the faculty of the Department also works in the clinical laboratory on roaster duty. The clinical laboratory is run 24 hours a day 365 days and the technicians work in two shifts. We support the medical camps organized by NRI General Hospital in rural areas by providing mobile lab facilities

The Clinical lab was started with a Semi automatic analyzer, two colorimeters and a flame photometer, The number of tests conducted per day in this lab recorded a phenomenal growth over years starting with 50 tests per day in the year 2003 to almost 2800 tests per day at present. To cater to the needs of such a large load, the Clinical laboratory is now equipped with the most modern equipment which include:

  • Three Fully Automatic Chemistry analysers (Randox Daytona,& Dade-Behring- Dimensions 2 no.)
  • Two Immuno Assay analysers (chemiluminescence - Centaur CP & Cobas e411)
  • Two Semi-automatic analysers (RA-50-Bayers & Merck)
  • Three Electrolyte analyzers (AVL-ISE-Roche & Ilyte 2 no.)
  • One Biorad D10 for HbA1c

The laboratory is equipped and has the necessary experience to carry special investigations along with all the routine investigations. The special investigations include all hormones, tumor markers and cardiac markers like Troponin I

One of the notable features of this clinical laboratory is that internal quality control is carried out daily for two times to maintain a very high laboratory standard to offer better patient care. In addition to a stringent internal quality control, the clinical lab is enrolled with external quality assessment programs from BIORAD and RCPA. (Royal College of Pathologist, Australia)

We are proud to say that clinical Biochemistry lab is NABL accreditated since 2012.

Research Publications :

S.No. Title Names Journal/Date
1 CSF Proteins as Discreminatory Markers of Tubercular and Pyogenic Meningitis Dr. Ravi Shekhar "Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2013 August: 7(8):1586-8.
2 Oxidative stress in thyroid disorders Dr. Desai Vidya Dr. Siva Prabodh Dr. N.V.S.Chowdary Dr. Ravi Shekhar IJCMAAS, 2014 December:5(1):31-35
3 Relationship between FT3 and ICU mortality Dr. Desai Vidya Dr. Siva Prabodh Dr. N.V.S.Chowdary Dr. Ravi Shekhar International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications,2015;5(1):1-4
4 Relationship between Serum Lactate Levels and Fatal Outcome in Critically Ill Patients: A Prospective Study in Intensive Care Unit Dr Arif Pasha, Dr Nageswara Rao, Dr Siva Prabodh, Dr Desai Vidya Sripad, Dr N V S Chowdary International Journal of Scientific study, 2015;2(10):61-63
5 Role of Liver function tests and serum lactate levels in assessing the severity of acute paraquat poisoning Dr Arif Pasha, Dr Siva Prabodh, Dr Nageswara Rao, Dr Suhasini, Dr Desai Vidya Sripad, Dr N V S Chowdary International Journal of Scientific Study,2015;3(8):11-14


S.No. Topic Presenter Date of Presentation
1 " Oxidative stress in Diabetic retinopathy cases" Dr. Desai Vidya "AMBICON 2010 "
2 " Serum Lactate and Creatine kinase in relation with Ejection Fraction in Myocardial Infarction" Dr. Ravi Shekhar "AMBICON 2010 "
3 " Status of copper and magnesium levels in Diabetic Nephropathy Cases" Dr.Shiv Prabodh "AMBICON 2010 "
4 Role of Enzyme AST and Protein Troponin I in acute myocardial Infarction Dr. V. Siva Prabodh Professor AMBICON DEC - 2011 THIRUCHIRAPALLI, TAMILNADU
5 Small group teaching. Role of Medical Teacher Dr. V. Siva Prabodh Professor AP STATE CONFERENCE ON MEDICAL EDUCATION FEB - 2012, MAMATA MEDICAL COLLEGE KHAMMAM (AP)
6 Status of Trace Elements in Diabetic Nephropathy Cases. A case control study Dr. V. Siva Prabodh Professor NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MICRO NUTRIENTS JUNE 2012, NARAYANA MEDICAL COLLEGE, NELLORE (AP)
7 Lipid profile levels on second day of acute myocardial infarction Dr. V. Siva Prabodh Professor AMBICON DEC - 2012 BHUBANESHWAR, ODISHA, INDIA
8 Serum Lactate and CK in post CABG cases Dr. Ravi Shekhar Associate Professor AMBICON DEC - 2011 THIRUCHIRAPALLI, TAMILNADU
9 Magnesium levels in patients after Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) Dr. Ravi Shekhar Associate Professor AMBICON DEC - 2012 BHUBANESHWAR, ODISHA, INDIA
10 Oxidative stress in Thyroid disorders Dr. Desai Vidya Sripad Associate Professor AMBICON DEC - 2011 THIRUCHIRAPALLI, TAMILNADU
11 Association between hsCRP and risk factors in Coronary Atherosclerosis Dr. Desai Vidya Sripad Associate Professor AMBICON DEC - 2012 BHUBANESHWAR, ODISHA, INDIA
12 Serum Uric Acid Levels in Type-II Diabetes mellitus Dr.Prabhakar PG AMBICON DEC - 2012 BHUBANESHWAR, ODISHA, INDIA
13 Low T3 syndrome in Coronary Artery disease Dr.Bhanupriya PG AMBICON DEC - 2012 BHUBANESHWAR, ODISHA, INDIA
14 Small group teaching : an effective method to improve academic performance in slow learners. Dr. V. Siva Prabodh Professor AP MEDUCON - 2013 SVMC - TIRUPATHI, Awarded Special Prize
15 Process and Importance of Laboratory Accreditation in Clinical Biochemistry Lab attached to a Medical College Dr.Ravi Shekhar AMBICON NOV - 2013 LUDHIYANA, PUNJAB, INDIA